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imageedit_1_9184561353.pngHow to Spend St. Paddy’s Day Weekend in Boston
March 21, 2018
Let’s be honest, if there is any place I’d most want to spend St. Patrick’s Day, it would be in Boston. Okay, maybe Ireland would be my first choice, but Boston is definitely a close second despite my aversion to overpacked bars  … [read more]

imageedit_28_7345681395.png6 Days in Iceland: A Self-Drive Itinerary
March 1, 2018
When it comes to planning a trip to Iceland, especially during the winter months, it’s best to accept prior to your trip that every day may not go exactly as planned. While going through security before our flight home, we heard  … [read more]

imageedit_26_8313945095.pngThe 5 Best Restaurants I Ate At in Iceland
February 17, 2018
There are certain trips that you expect to revolve around local cuisine: Italy, France, South Africa. Well, safe to say that when planning my trip to Iceland, I at no time envisioned myself in a week-long food coma. Yes, I had been  … [read more]

imageedit_25_7498318571The Haunted Orphanage of Gettysburg ft. Jennie Wade House
February 3, 2018
Considering how saturated the market is when it comes to haunted attractions and ghost tours, I was a bit skeptical when my friend suggested we book one of these tours during our short trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylavania  … [read more]

imageedit_22_6110749080.pngA Winter Weekend in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
January 29, 2018
Driving into Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is like driving back into history. The entire town stands as a monument and memorial to the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the most defining battles during the American Civil War. And while  … [read more]

imageedit_21_4987001460.pngTwelve Trips in One Year: A New Year Resolution
January 17, 2018
A friend of mine, an avid reader once noted how sad it is knowing that you will never have the opportunity to read every book ever written; never have enough time to enjoy or debate or consider all the thousands of perspectives. … [read more]