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Why I’ll Never Be Too Old or Too Cool For Disney World
June 23, 2017   
I’m going to Disney World! Considering that the name of this blog was influenced by Disney, and that my homesickness for my second home will soon cease, I think it’s time I wrote a little about my die-hard Disney obsession … [Read more]


NYC Food Fads II: Worth the Wait or Not So Great
June 12, 2017   
You may have read my first NYC Food Fads installment in February. Well, safe to say I still haven’t kicked my addiction to social media hyped munchies. It seems that every week there is a new innovative “must-try” taking up a third of my … [Read more]


How I Accidentally Hiked to 1200 Feet in the Hudson Valley
May 31, 2017   
If you read my last post, you know that I believe that accidental experiences often end up being the most memorable. Well, just a few days after writing that post, I ended up on another accidental adventure. How’s that for irony? … [Read more]


The Struggle of Being a Type-A Traveler
May 24, 2017   
Of all the terms I could use describe myself, one would definitely be “compulsive planner.” I’m talking a making lists for the heck of making lists, Excel is my best friend, let’s replan something we’ve already planned … [Read more]


Choosing Accommodations
May 10, 2017
Booking accommodations for your travels can be the easiest, or the most challenging part of your planning process. From my own experience, this became significantly  easier once I experienced and understood the  … [Read more]


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