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imageedit_1_7588473591The 7 Friends You End Up With on Every Road Trip
August 12, 2017
Aside from growing up in a city where there is almost always something to do, there was another huge benefit to living in New York. With the Northeast being as concise as it is, most states just require a weekend, and a decent car to be able  … [read more]


A First-Timer’s Guide to a Day in Old Orchard Beach
August 5, 2017
Old Orchard Beach has gone through various transitions throughout it’s long history, at one point being home to a racetrack, the area of which was purchased in 1952; and even spent five years as the home to an Animal … [read more]


6 Must-Have Experiences When Visiting Portland, Maine
July 29, 2017
Our quick, long-weekend trip to Maine was originally planned with the intent of checking off our last Northeastern state. But our one-and-a-half days spent exploring Portland ended up providing some of the best experiences … [read more]

imageedit_1_7553378894 6 Life Lessons I Have Learned From 6 Different Countries
July 14, 2017
When it comes to traveling both abroad and domestically, it’s best to “leave a place better than you found it.” But there is another goal of equal importance, which is to “leave a place as a better person than when you arrived.” … [read more]

imageedit_1_6748405721Why I’ll Never Be Too Old for Disney World
June 23, 2017
Considering that the name of this blog was influenced by Disney, and that my homesickness for my second home will soon cease, I think it’s time I wrote a little about my die-hard Disney obsession. Before my passion for … [read more]