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imageedit_25_7498318571The Haunted Orphanage of Gettysburg ft. Jennie Wade House
February 3, 2018
Considering how saturated the market is when it comes to haunted attractions and ghost tours, I was a bit skeptical when my friend suggested we book one of these tours during our short trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylavania  … [read more]

imageedit_22_6110749080.pngA Winter Weekend in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
January 29, 2018
Driving into Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is like driving back into history. The entire town stands as a monument and memorial to the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the most defining battles during the American Civil War. And while  … [read more]

imageedit_21_4987001460.pngTwelve Trips in One Year: A New Year Resolution
January 17, 2018
A friend of mine, an avid reader once noted how sad it is knowing that you will never have the opportunity to read every book ever written; never have enough time to enjoy or debate or consider all the thousands of perspectives. … [read more]

6 Reasons to Visit Epcot During Festival of the Holidays
January 6, 2018
I’ve been several places that I’d dub a must-visit during the holiday season, from Stowe, Vermont; to Quebec City, Canada; and of course my hometown, New York City. But why spend your holiday season in one place, when you can immerse  … [read more]

imageedit_2_2234785612.png8 Must-Try Bites at Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays
December 23, 2017
There may be no activity I enjoy more than events that allow me to stroll from booth to booth eating way more food than necessary, and Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays is no exception. While Epcot has always been the park known  … [read more]

imageedit_1_67109650296 Reasons to Attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party
December 22, 2017
When it comes to the best place to celebrate the holiday season, I’m a bit bias to New York. But Walt Disney World definitely ranks high on the list. The entirety of Walt Disney World from the parks to the resorts is decked out … [read more]