Itinerary Development

My favorite part of each trip has always been the months prior when I’m immersed in research and planning out each day. For others, this part of the trip can be downright intimidating – especially when it comes to specific locations, logistics, vendors, and details. Honestly, sometimes just deciding where you want to explore next can be challenging enough.

That’s why I offer personalized itineraries tuned to your wants, needs, and travel goals. These itineraries will break down each of your days within the flexibility framework of your choice. Do you want a define plan or place to be for most of your days? Or do you like the opportunity to get lose and wander with some experiences pre-planned?

Here’s how I can help:

First, shoot me an email at and let me know a little about you, the folks you’ll be traveling with, the location you’re planning to visit, and what you’re looking for in an itinerary.

Following that, w’ll set up a quick call via phone, Zoom (converse via email if that is preferred). During this conversation, we’ll discuss your travel style, the types of attractions you like to visit, your preferred flexibility, and the types of experiences you’re interested in whether it be cultural, historic, etc. This is also a good time to note any specific attractions or sites you may have heard of that you 100% want included in your plans.

After our call, I’ll send you an invoice with a breakdown of the itinerary days. I ask for a 75% deposit and the remaining 25% once you’ve received your personalized itinerary. This will include everything you need to go forth and plan your trip including links, prices, dates, and details.

Optionally, once we’ve sent your itinerary, we’re happy to connect you with our preferred travel agent (at no extra charge whatsoever) who can complete and manage your bookings for you.

Pricing: I price my itineraries at $25 per day. Half-days (ie. when you arrive at a location after noon – or leave said location before noon) will be charged at $12. At the end, you will have a PDF with a breakdown of each day with specific links and details. If you choose to have our preferred agent book your tours, hotels, etc. these plans will be edited to include all reference and confirmation numbers and tickets as well.

Looking forward to helping you get out into The Great Big World!