Twelve Trips in One Year: A New Year Resolution

A friend of mine, an avid reader once noted how sad it is knowing that you will never have the opportunity to read every book ever written; never have enough time to enjoy or debate or consider all the thousands of perspectives, ideas, and stories.

As an avid reader myself, I can attest to this despairing realization. As an experience seeker, I’m often plagued by another thought as well – that none of us have the time to experience every single thing we have always wanted to – every trip, every first, every moment that makes us feel like tiny nothings in the universe. Between full-time jobs, or kids, or other aspects of life, I’m sure everyone can relate to that feeling that time is fleeting and that there are never enough hours in a day, or months in a year. Thankfully, the optimist in me says loud and clear, “You don’t have to experience it all, but just enough.”

I have always found the idea of a New Year resolution to be kind of senseless, and so I’ve always instead made a decision to at least attempt to be better generally than I was the year prior. But this year I’ve decided to set myself a little challenge, and fine, I suppose you can call it a New Year resolution. This year I decided that I would attempt to take a trip a month for the entire year of 2018. Some of these trips may be pretty close to home; and I’m sure there are many to whom 12 trips can be taken in just a few months or who are lucky enough to live one never ending travel adventure year-round – but for me this is enough. Besides, there are dozens of books waiting to be written and 2018 is just one.




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6 Reasons to Visit Epcot During Festival of the Holidays

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I’ve been several places that I’d dub a must-visit during the holiday season, from Stowe, Vermont; to Quebec City, Canada; and of course my hometown, New York City. But why spend your holiday season in one place, when you can immerse yourself in the holiday culture of eleven different countries at Epcot’s World Showcase, in Orlando, Florida?

The Magic Kingdom is known as the go-to park for Disney holiday celebrations, and for good reason, which you can read about here. But Epcot gives off an entirely different, though no less festive vibe.

Holiday Storytellers from Around the Globe

IMG_0668 6 Reasons to Visit Epcot During Festival of the Holidays | Walt Disney World | | A Great Big Hunk of World | #agbhow

From Thanksgiving to the end of December, Epcot’s Festival of the Holidays becomes even more immersive, with holiday storytellers detailing the holiday traditions of all eleven Epcot pavilions. Guests can hear the story of Epiphany in Italy from La Benafa, otherwise known as the Holiday Witch; meet Father Christmas in the United Kingdom courtyard, learn more about Kwanza and Hanukkah in America, and many others. Some traditions are very recognizable or similar to traditions you may already take part in, but you always end up leaving feeling more informed and interested in foreign holiday customs than you may have been before.


The Holiday Kitchens

Similar to the Food & Wine Festival, the Holiday Kitchens provide guests the opportunity to try some popular holiday treats from various regions, as well as some familiar snacks. This year’s Holiday Kitchens included:

  • The Alsache Holiday Kitchen
  • The American Holiday Table
  • The Bavarian Holiday Kitchen
  • The Cookie Nook
  • Feast of the Three Kings
  • The Hokkaido Holiday Kitchen
  • Holiday Sweets and Treats
  • Las Posadas Holiday Kitchen
  • The Shanghai Holiday Kitchen
  • The Tuscany Holiday Kitchen
  • The Tarabaki Holiday Kitchen
  • The Yukon Holiday Kitchen

While I wish I could’ve tried every dish from each Kitchen, there were some I just had to repeat during my stay. (More on these amazing bites here.)


The Candlelight Processional

The Candlelight Processional has always been ridiculously popular, and it’s not rare to see guests lining up two hours before the show just to potentially grab a seat. It’s highly recommended to grab a dining package which includes access to the show; plus you might end up having an amazing festive meal somewhere like Biergarten, and there is nothing like a couple of pints to prepare you to sit in 40 degree weather, huddled together with you family for an hour. It was, and often can be very cold during the show. However, I will say that it is very, very worth it. Whether you’re there to hear the story of Jesus, or just to awe at the amazing harmonies sung by the Disney chorus (made up of local choirs and select Disney World employees), this show definitely brings some magic back into the season.


The Illuminations Conclusion

Unlike Magic Kingdom, which has an entire nighttime show dedicated to the Christmas season, Epcot instead kept their own night show, Illuminations, as is while adding on a heart-warming ending during the finale. It’s really touching to watch each country pavilion light up, followed by “Let there be Peace on Earth” playing. The show ends with a sentiment that we should all remember, not only during the holiday season, but all year ’round – “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”


Festive Photo Ops

6 Reasons to Visit Epcot During Festival of the Holidays | Walt Disney World | | A Great Big Hunk of World | #agbhow 6 Reasons to Visit Epcot During Festival of the Holidays | Walt Disney World | | A Great Big Hunk of World | #agbhow 6 Reasons to Visit Epcot During Festival of the Holidays | Walt Disney World | | A Great Big Hunk of World | #agbhow

The holiday season at Disney World is the best time to snap next year’s holiday card photo, and if you paid for Disney’s Memory Maker as part of your vacation package, which allows unlimited photos by Disney photographers at every park, then it wouldn’t be right to not make the most of every photo opportunity. The entrance to Epcot, as well as the stretch between Epcot’s Future World and Epcot’s World Showcase, are lined with photographers waiting to snap your next family photo. But be sure you grab a times guide on your way into the park, so you don’t miss photo ops with some holiday-ready characters, such as Belle in her stunning Christmas gown.


Unique and Beautiful Holiday Decorations

This goes hand in hand with those festive photo ops that I mentioned above; but the way Disney is able to tweak their already detailed designs into one that’s perfect for the holidays deserves recognition. I absolutely loved strolling down the back alleys of the France pavilion, which reminded me of Quebec during the holidays, and the done-up shop windows that blended perfectly with the countries they were portraying. Even Biergarten, which is already delicious, is a little more fun when you get to enjoy German music on a stage decked out in tinsel.

6 Reasons to Visit Epcot During Festival of the Holidays | Walt Disney World | | A Great Big Hunk of World | #agbhow



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6 Reasons to Visit Epcot During Festival of the Holidays | Walt Disney World | | A Great Big Hunk of World | #agbhow