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Visiting Volez, Voguez, Voyagez: the Louis Vuitton Exhibition in NYC | NYC Travel | A Great Big Hunk of World | www.agreatbighunkofworld.com
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Visiting Volez, Voguez, Voyagez: the Louis Vuitton Exhibition in NYC

Before trendsetters flocked the streets of New York’s Fifth Avenue and the flagship store in Paris, Louis Vuitton was the sought after designer of steamer trunks.

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The 7 Friends You End Up With on Every Road Trip

And while we have yet to take on an extensive cross-country trip, you get a good sense of each of your friends’ travel personas when you’re stuck in two cars during a fourteen-hour drive to Myrtle Beach.


The Struggle of Being a Type-A Traveler

Of all the terms I could use describe myself, one would definitely be “compulsive planner.” I’m talking making lists for the heck of making lists, Excel is my best friend, let’s replan something we’ve already planned, compulsive planner. And just in case you’re curious, yes, all of my DVDs and spices are in alphabetical order.