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NYC Food Fads: Worth the Wait or Not So Great

As much as it pains to me to admit this, for some reason something so simple always seems twelve times more delicious when it’s constantly in your face through either Instagram, Facebook, or even Buzzfeed articles.

My name is Jasmine and I am addicted to food fads.

As much as it pains to me to admit this, for some reason something so simple always seems twelve times more delicious when it’s constantly in your face through either Instagram, Facebook, or even Buzzfeed articles.

If you’re like me and have either woken up way too early or stood in an hour-long line to try something that flashed its way across your Instagram feed, you’ve most likely also felt heartbreak. Because, let’s be honest here, whatever it is rarely lives up to expectations.

I can still remember the dissatisfaction when I tried my first Dominique Ansel cronut after three Monday’s of waiting on my computer (and phone) at exactly 10:59 AM for the pre-orders to open. Was it good? Yes, but I’ve had way better and that includes the ones at the little Epcot stands in Disney World. (Disclaimer: While Dominique Ansel cronuts don’t top my list, nor do their other “trending” snacks such as their cookie shots; if you go for the basic pastries and deliquesces you will definitely be impressed.)

Fortunately, I’ve had way too much time on my hands the pleasure of getting my hands on a few must-eat/must-sip items. And I am about to tell which are worth the wait and which are not so great.

You’re welcome.

  1. Wine & Ice Pop Cocktails 

Location: Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar at the Conrad Hotel

I really wanted to find a way to describe these cocktails that made them seem refined and innovative, but you guys’, it’s literally a glass of average tasting wine or liquor with a popsicle in it. However, I can only say that now that I’ve actually tried one of their signature cocktails. Prior to that, my friends and I were beyond determined to get our hands on one of this due in a big part to Instagram. The online menu reels you in with pairings like Stolichnaya vodka with a peach-chamomile pop, and Citadelle Gin with a blackberry-lime pop. And then, they charge $25 bucks for each with an additional service charge on top of it.

You guys, I practically paid $30 bucks for a glass of less-than-stellar wine with a popsicle inside of it. And don’t let the smile in that photo fool you; I was mentally kicking myself the minute I took a sip.

Moral of the story: Go buy a whole bottle of wine instead because this place is not worth the wait or your money.

2. Cookie Dough…in a cup.

Location: DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections

This is the newest dessert fad sweeping its way across every Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feed in the tri-state area, so naturally I had to drop by.

If you’re like me, anytime cookies are made in your presence you are literally unable to stick them in the oven without skimming some raw, potentially salmonella-infused deliciousness off the tray. But now, you can have all of that in a cup! …or a waffle cone!

I wanted to love this; I really did. But it was…what it was. Did it taste delicious? Of course, it’s cookie dough in a friggen’ cup. Unfortunately, I could barely make it passed four bites. Should I be surprised by this? Absolutely not! Why wouldn’t sugar-infused, raw, cookie dough in a cup, not be too sweet?  But logic goes out the window when all your friends have tagged themselves in at cookie dough heaven and you havn’t yet.

I think the concept of DŌ is cute, and clearly the owners knew how to take something traditional and make it quirky and original. But waiting hours to even get in, when making your own cookie dough takes about five minutes, and probably tastes just as good, seems a bit unnecessary.

(*Update* Got dragged back to DŌ with a friend. While I planned not to purchase anything, I ended up grabbing a $4 cookie bomb on the way out. In case you don’t know, it’s essentially a cupcake made of a cooked chocolate chip cookie. But then the frosting is made of whipped uncooked cookie dough. OMGSOGOOD. Only downfall, it was filled with Nutella. I never thought Nutella could be a bad thing but it definitley made this already sweet snack WAY too sweet. Aside from the uneccessary filling, definitely worth a try.)


3. Cereal Milkshakes

Location: KITH

Let me start off by saying that KITH confuses the life out of me. KITH itself, is a shoe and clothing store. But walk inside and you can find a small KITH Treats Cereal Bar, because why the hell not.

The concept of KITH isn’t too original, similar to Kellogg’s Cafe or the type of cereal shakes you can find at many cafes now; but a Facebook video let me know that it had to be KITH-way or the highway.

At KITH you essentially have two choices: cereal ice cream (Vanilla Ice Cream + 1 Cereal + 2 Toppings) or a cereal milkshake (Vanilla Ice Cream + 1 Cereal + 2 Toppings + 1 Milk)

My customized cereal shake consisted of vanilla ice cream, low fat milk, fruity pebbles, graham cracker crumbs and mini marshmallows. This thing was so simple but so delicious. The best part is that the wait is virtually non-existent at KITH. SO if you happen to be in the area or decide to make the trip, you won’t feel like you’re wasting half a day on line.

All-in-all, I’d say grabbing a cereal shake at KITH might be worth a few minutes of your time.

4. Christmas Booze

Location: Rolf’s

This one is less about the booze and more about the ambiance. In case you’ve never heard of Rolf’s, allow me to paint a Christmas miracle in photographs.

Rolf’s is a German restaurant and bar that, from October to May looks as if you made your way inyo of a snow globe. Only a snow globe probably has more space to move around. While the $13 dollar drinks at least tasted like the amount of liquor you were paying for, waiting on line for 45 minutes just to get a drink while hunched over up against the bar didn’t really make the experience the best for me.

I won’t say I had a bad time at Rolf’s, though that may be in part to it being only stop #1 on our week-before-Christmas pub crawl; but I don’t think Instagram photos show how compact the place truly is and how rushed you feel considering the “two people out, two more people in” type rotation they have going on.

When it comes to going out of your way for Rolf’s, I’m going to give this spot a neutral yes/no response. Part of me wants to say it wasn’t worth it, but the holiday loving, Christmas obsessed part of me actually enjoyed my fifteen minutes there.

Tip: Pass on the spiked eggnog and go for the cider or holiday martini. The flavors are way more palatable!

5. Hold My Knots

Update: Hold My Knots has unfortunately closed. However, you can still experience it's deliciousness at their Staten Island location.

Location: Gansevoort Market

A few days ago I was scrolling Facebook, while I should have been working, and saw the most spectacular, mouth-watering masterpiece that I have ever seen; garlic knot sliders. Hold My Knots takes the most unhealthy, garlic butter deliciousness that is a garlic knot, cuts them in half and fills them with either meatball, eggplant parm. or chicken parm. I know! Genius right?

I finally headed over to Hold My Knots today, where there was only about a five minute line, and ordered one eggplant parm. slider and one meatball parm. slider.


I could eat these once a week, you guys. It’s been a few hours now and I am still questioning why I didn’t get a chicken parm. slider as well; EVen though two definitely suffice as a full meal. The garlic knots were soft enough to bite through, and the eggplant and meatball were seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Hold My Knots is definitely worth going out of your way and breaking your diet for.

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