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Ireland: Days 5: Bidding Adieu to Ballyseede Castle

Without any specific plans for the day, and a later train planned back to Dublin, we were able to relax a bit more this morning. We were thankful for this as we now had time to experience breakfast in the Stone Room at Ballyseede Castle.

Our fifth day in Ireland was much less eventful, though no less exceptional.

Without any specific plans for the day, and a later train planned back to Dublin, we were able to relax a bit more this morning. We were thankful for this as we now had time to experience breakfast in the Stone Room at Ballyseede Castle.

FOOD: 4/5

Each of our entrees were delicious. Though my mother and sister weren’t used to the European style pancakes, they loved the strawberry compote. I’m always a sucker for any form of eggs Benedict so this was clearly a win for me, especially since the chef knew not to go overboard on the hollandaise. Plus any place that has a pre-entree buffet station, complete with juices, muffins, cheese, etc. never gets less than four stars from me.


Each room of Ballyseede is designed to fully embody the vintage castle feel and the Stone Room is no exception. From the stone walls to the pained portraits it truly feels like we were guests invited to a royal breakfast.


Considering the number of allergies my younger sister has, we are always extra impressed when restaurant staff not only take a second to listen but are also able to explain the menu and any alternatives should there be a cross contamination issue. Our waiter was very sweet and accommodating, and let my sister know exactly what she was able to order without issue.

Overall, I’d give out stay at Ballyseede 4/5 stars, which could have easily been higher if it weren’t for that service problem. I loved everything about Ballyseede as well as those work there, but if you choose to place guests in basement level rooms, be sure to make it known that they will receive not only zero wifi, but zero reception. That or fix the situation.

Despite that small issue however, we would 100% come back to Ballyseede Castle.

Finally, we had to bid adieu.

We had a bit of time before we had to depart from Tralee Station to Dublin, so upon doing a quick search of attractions in the area, decided to stop by the Kerry County Museum where they were more than fine with holding onto our bags as we explored.

I’m only sorry that we hadn’t realized how much more there was to see in Tralee before our last day. Turns out, if we had just walked a few blocks passed the station we would’ve come to a strip of stores and restaurants. Yet, another thing added to the “When we Return” list.


We ended up enjoying the Kerry County Museum even more than we had anticipated, but the theme of our trip had been about stumbling upon places we hadn’t even have thought to visit.

My absolute favorite part of the Kerry County Museum had to be the Medieval Experience, which is a life-size walkthrough of the streets Tralee as they were in 1450 AD with all the sights, sounds and robust smells of a bustling community. Truly a great experience.

Two train rides later we were back in Dublin.

Though we were sad to leave our beautiful Castle stay in Tralee, we were excited for our next couple of nights in Clontarf Castle. Not going to lie, Clontarf Castle definitely did not give off the same feel as Ballyseede Castle.

While Ballyseede seemed like a castle which later been renovated into a hotel, which it was, Clontarf seemed more like a hotel that they tried to theme as a castle. But still, a nice hotel nonetheless.

We set our bags down in our room and decided to head downstairs to Knights Bar for dinner. This would become our favorite spot in Clontarf because of it’s open, warm atmosphere. Plus the food was spot on.


While we had planned to spend the later part of the day exploring a bit of Howth, the downpour that occurred following our meal put that plan on hold. *Adds Howth to list of places we did not get to visit on this trip.

Due to the storm and suddenly being hit with a fit of exhaustion, we decided to spend the rest of the night relaxing and exploring our second castle stay.


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