The Most Useful Travel App

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If you’ve ever traveled abroad you most likely know understand the struggle of being lost in a city you’ve never explored, but knowing that you have to dramatically reduce your use of Apple Maps (or whichever GPS Map program your smartphone comes with) out of fear of using up your entire data package.

On my last trip I was being stingy as possible with my data usage, having already received the dreaded “You’ve used up 75% of your data” message. However, while attempting to find my way back to my apartment at one point, I of course ended up lost and thought, “What’s two seconds?” Well, after using Apple Maps to figure out the direction I should be walking for no more than a minute and a half, I quickly was hit with “You’ve used up 100% of your data.”

Awful yes, however, it was this experience that led me to discovering what I consider, the most useful app when traveling both abroad and even domestically.


CityMaps2Go by Ulmon is a map app that allows you to use it while connected to the internet, but also allows you to download offline maps as well as tracks your GPS signal even while on airplane mode.

If that’s not great enough, you can also star must-see attractions, or restaurants even before you leave for your trip; and add them to handy little lists such as “Restaurants Near My Hotel”, “Must-See Museums” and any other customized category you could imagine.

If you’re someone who doesn’t plan much until you arrive, no worries! CityMaps2Go also provides a Discover option where you can find helpful guides such as “Top Tours & Activities in Sydney” or “5 Amazing Historic Sites in Berlin”. While scrolling through these guides you can even star and save ones that sound interesting without exiting, and can even pull up information for each one such as photos, nearby accommodations, websites and add your own notes.

While in map view, if you click search you are presented with an array of categories to search for things in your area.

So what originally started off as an easy way to save data, turned into so much more. While visiting the Eiffel Tower, I could just click search and find the closest restaurants, top attractions or tours and activities offered close to where I was.

The premium version costs 9.99 which, for regular travelers, is a bargain but even the free version allows you so much flexibility and help, including everywhere I’ve listed above.

As far as travel apps go, I’d definitely say this one is worth checking out!

And for those who are not too tech savvy, or just want a breakdown of all the features, I’ve created a handy dandy little PowerPoint guide (citymaps2go)to make things a bit easier.

Safe Travels!


2 comments on “The Most Useful Travel App

  1. This travel app seems awesome and very helpful. I will definitely give it a try and let you know how I like it!


  2. In a foreign country where not much people speak your language finding your way is a really big struggle. I have been lost many times myself. I experienced being stranded in a place where its already late at night and my phone is low on battery. It’s a really scary experience, but luckily I found a really good person that offered me his help and I’m really glad that he could speak in English. I was pointed in the right direction right away and got home safe. This app will be very useful for me because I travel a lot. I love how it can save places in offline mode and it will lessen the use of data for it is very expensive in some countries. I’ll for sure download this app and test it out.


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