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Paris: Day 3 – Il a été tout a commencé avec une souris

So naturally, somewhere on my bucket list I have "Visit all Disney Resorts" and you best believe I wasn't leaving Paris without stopping at Disneyland Paris.

Let me begin this post by explaining how “Disney” my family and I are. We typically go to Walt Disney World in Orlando, at least once a year, lately, we’ve actually been going twice, because the only thing better than a Disney World vacation, is a Disney World vacation at Christmas time. I grew up on virtually the entire Disney collection on VHS, which mom swapped out for DVD’s faster than you could say “Coming soon to VHS and DVD”.

My mother owns her own travel agency, and half the time is booking Disney related trips, ie. Disney World, Disneyland(s), Disney Cruise Line, Adventures By Disney. We own Disney POP figurines, a Mr. Potato Head, Disney related artwork…I think you get the picture.

So naturally, somewhere on my bucket list I have “Visit all Disney Resorts” and you best believe I wasn’t leaving Paris without stopping at Disneyland Paris.

The ride there was a quick and easy RER ride away from the center of Paris and we were able to grab coffee and croissants at the station on arrival. Of course, I planned for us to be there before opening.

Good thing because we had actually forgotten to purchase tickets in advance, which led to me being ridiculously irritated. Why?

Due to the significant amount of rides closed for refurbishment, you can purchase tickets online; both parks for the price you’d pay for one. However, upon entry, we had to pay an extremely inflated price per ticket. I would’ve gotten over this really quickly if it wasn’t for that fact that we literally finished the entirety of BOTH parks and still had about three hours until fireworks. Being me, I already decided we weren’t leaving without seeing their nighttime production, which, coincidentally didn’t live up to expectations.

Guys, I am not a cynic. I’m really not. And there a few things about Disneyland Paris that are AMAZING; the castle is beautiful, their It’s a Small World Ride definitely beats that in Orlando and their Haunted Mansion is amazingly detailed. However, I could say with all honesty that while I had a semi-decent time, I wouldn’t necessarily go back unless it was with my family.

Cons of Disneyland Paris:

  • Outlandish ticket prices; other Disney parks have way more attractions and detailing and still, aren’t as pricey as tickets into both relatively small parks at Disneyland Paris.
  • The happy-go-lucky, magical vibe of Disney World Orlando, definitely doesn’t transfer here.
  • Smoking is prohibited in Disneyland Paris. People still smoke in Disneyland Paris. I understand it’s a Parisian thing, but I cannot get passed seeing mothers and fathers blowing smoke into the faces of their toddlers nonchalantly.
  • On our first ride of the day, I was called a “stupid American” over the loud speaker for taking a photo. I cannot begin to describe how absolutely amazing and professional the cast members at Walt Disney Orlando are; from in-park workers to hotel management. I actually know someone who was put on probation while working at Disney Orlando for constantly being caught leaning on his arm, looking bored at his food cart. If anyone made a comment like that in Orlando, they’d be fired on the spot. In general, the workers at Disneyland Paris seemed like they were being forced to work there. It wasn’t a pleasant vibe.
  • Finding out that there was a Christmas shop at one of the parks partially made my day. However, while on the train through the park, a couple next to me, I believe, accidentally took my bag with their own. When I asked a cast member to check the lost and found, they were very nonchalant, and seemed to barely check. 60 bucks down the tubes. Another situation which would’ve been handled 100 times better elsewhere.
  • The nighttime show was a bust, and we actually chose to leave halfway through it.
  • There are almost no character meet and greets, whatsoever.

I’d give Disneyland Paris about a 4/10 and that’s only because of our amazing servers at Bistrot Chez Remy (despite the obnoxious prices), and the precise detailing of the Ratatouille and Toy Story Land areas.

Despite all the faults, I’m glad I got to experience it at least once. We actually had two pretty decent meals at Bistrot Chez Remy and the Plaza Gardens, despite rumors that the food at Disneyland Paris isn’t to die for. Definitely not up to par with some meals we’ve had at Disney Orlando but definitely good.

Overall, if you’re Disney obsessed Disney Paris may be worth checking out once. However, even then, it might just be a waste of a day in the beautiful city of Paris.

But here are some lovely photos from our day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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